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Taipei Technology Corridor

Nangang Software Park

The Nankang software park is part of the Nakang business park, a five-part cluster that includes the software, international trade, business, finance, and cultural industries. The base on 2010 estimated that there are 18,860 technology workers, and the year of the income approximately 274.2 billion. It is home to the software design center, international R&D center, semiconductor institute, digital content institute, and all offering abundant R&D resource. It is a National information infrastructure model park and also a key component of the two trillion and twin star program.

The park has the hardware facilities like, optical fibers, internet network, and Wifi. To enhance the park's clustering effect and provide space for additional businesses, the land for phase III of the Nankang software park was opened for development on September 16, 2008. It is estimated that an additional 50 companies involved in IT, telecommunications and other knowledge-intensive industries will move in, creating NT$100 billion in new revenue. The Nankang tech park is expected to soon become Taiwan's most productive industrial park.
The Nangan Software Park is running out of space at the first and second phases, so they create the third phase to solve the issue. The third phase started on Septermber 16, 2008, and it brings many industries like, software, internet, computer, electronic, information, and biotech. The third phase is currently full as well, and the knowledge intensive revenue will reach NT$ 250billion.

The Taipei city government currently plans to make the Nankang area a major intellectual hub. It will host exhibitions and become a major transportation junction. As a home for cultural-creative, biotech, and software industries, Nankang will become an Asian center for software and R&D operations.

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